Meet The Candidate

Kaletta was born and raised in Georgia.  From a very young age, she understood the importance of public service.   Growing up, Kaletta watched her parents dedicate their lives to serving the community as the County’s first African American Chief of Police and Church Pastor.  Kaletta learned what it meant to truly listen to understand others so that she could be a compassionate, respectful, and powerful voice in the community.  

Kaletta completed high school in Georgia and moved to New Orleans, LA to attend college at Dillard University.  In 2005, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina displaced Kaletta and her classmates from their school.  Kaletta transferred to the University of Maryland to complete her undergraduate studies in Government and Politics.  During her time in Maryland and DC, she worked as an intern for the Center for American Politics & Citizenship, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Kaletta earned her Bachelors of Arts in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

After graduating from college, Kaletta moved back to  Atlanta, GA to work for Emory University’s Office of Governmental and Community Affairs.  She later served as a Background Investigator, responsible for completing federal background checks to determine whether or not applicants received military and government security clearances. 

In 2009, Kaletta married the love of her life (Marlin).   They moved to Utah for better job opportunities.  When they arrived, they were mesmerized by the beautiful mountains, landscape and snow.  But, they realized those were  not the only great things in Utah.  The Lynch Family quickly learned that the people are friendly, compassionate and very welcoming.    

As your next City Council Member, Kaletta will ensure that all voices in District 3 are represented.  Kaletta will collaborate with City staff, City Council, and West Valley City residents to promote more community-centric engagement opportunities which will lead to better relationships, greater transparency of local government processes, equity, ease of access to resources, and overall awareness of the issues that matter to the community.