The Issues and Plan



It’s all about the community! Your voice matters!  Kaletta will advocate for the issues that matter the most to West Valley City residents.  In order to get to know residents and to find out what matters the most to you, Kaletta will host community listening sessions and send out surveys to get your feedback. 



Kaletta will push for better lighting and striping of pedestrian crosswalks.  She will also request that things such as orange flags are placed near high traffic crosswalks to increase driver’s visibility of pedestrians. Kaletta will also work with City Staff and Council Members to push for funding to pave unfinished or damaged roads.  Kaletta would also like to explore bike safety measures, especially in high traffic areas. 

Children and adults should feel safe at all times, especially when they are at school.  Kaletta will work with the Granite School District to find out how West Valley City can support and assist with increased school safety measures.  



In order to preserve our environment for our health and future generations to come, we must decrease the amount of pollution and toxins released into the environment on a daily basis.  Kaletta will push to adopt ordinances that align with renewable energy goals and sustainability initiatives. She will collaborate with City Staff to start a community awareness campaign that informs the public of ways to reduce emissions and toxins in the air (i.e.  turning the car off when stopped for extended periods of time, carpooling, taking public transit, using recyclable shoppings bags, etc.).  



West Valley City’s population is growing at a very fast pace.  In order for our economy to thrive, we must continue to support local businesses, provide entrepreneurial incentives to start new businesses, and attract diverse and competitive companies to our community.  Kaletta will work to ensure that we are creating more equitable jobs with fair wages in our community, and providing ethical and lucrative incentives to retain talent.