Your Voice Matters

It’s time for the people’s voice to return to government! Kaletta will make sure that your voice counts. She will stand with you to build a stronger community for today and future generations to come. Kaletta will push for better public and school safety measures, more community engagement in government processes, better transparency, and policies that promote better air quality. 

With her background in government, Kaletta brings a unique, well rounded, and diverse perspective to the Council. As a former federal background investigator, U.S. House of Representatives Intern, Executive Assistant, Contracts Agent, and Intergovernmental Liaison for the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, she has the necessary skills to serve the community. 

Kaletta is an effective leader who listens to understand others. As your next City Council Member, she will be available, transparent, and responsive to requests. 

Kaletta resides in West Valley City with her husband and two beautiful daughters. The Lynch Family is proud to belong to such a welcoming, diverse, friendly and compassionate community. 

Your voice matters! Let it echo in your vote for Kaletta Lynch for West Valley City Council, 

District 3.

The Issues



  • Push for pedestrian crosswalk safety measures   
  • Promote bike safety especially in high traffic areas
  • Ensure that emergency responders have the most up to date equipment 
  • Collaborate with Granite School District to support school safety measures 



  • Promote environmentally safe and sustainable ordinances that lead to better air quality



  • Support local businesses 
  • Collaborate to attract diverse and competitive companies to our community
  • Collaborate to create more equitable jobs with fair wages 
  • Provide ethical and lucrative incentives to retain talent in West Valley City

Let’s Make a Difference Together